Reduce stress

headstart FOCUS PLUS protects you and your cells from oxidative stress

Scientifically proven and well-tested

According to the study by TK (“Entspann dich, Deutschland”/Relax, Germany), stress in our society is constantly increasing. Stress is defined as “a certain stimulus which is perceived negatively and for which no strategies or skills are available to overcome it.”

Stress triggers vary from person to person, but causes of stress generally stem from our studies or career. They also come from our own, too-high aspirations or simply from too many deadlines and commitments in our personal lives.

Being “on-the-go”, that is, travelling by bus, train, car or biking in traffic and constant availability, thanks to our smartphones and Facebook and co., are also known creators of stress. Many people are also stressed due to injury, excess of house work, caring duties, financial worries and family worries.

Stress is almost omnipresent

headstart FOCUS PLUS can't magically remove your stress factors, but it can support your psychological resistance (resilience), making you better able to cope with everyday stressful situations.

The effectiveness of headstart FOCUS PLUS is impressively proven in a peer-reviewed scientific study.

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